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Priority 4 Business is your online resource for inspirational business know-how and practical advice. All delivered in quick, easy-to-understand formats.

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Your New Online Resource

So what’s Priority 4 Business all about – and what’s in it for you?

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Keep Things Flowing

David Prosser

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Negotiate To Win

Learn to be a win-win dealmaker

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The Business of Efficiency

See Helen Wylde, Sales and Marketing Director of Parcelforce Worldwide, set out the aims of Priority 4 Business – and how you can benefit from the programme.

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Infographic about cutting business costs

Cut And Keep

Quick ways to see how every business can save

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Get Up And Running

With Expert Rachel Bridge

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The book titled Dear Entrepreneur: Letters from Those That Have Made it And Are Making It Happen by Danny Bailey & Andrew Blackman

Dear Entrepreneur

Those who’ve made it – in their own words – as we review the latest business best-seller

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Take Stock

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Try Our Interactive Tool

Discover the truth about staying on top of costs

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The Cloud Unclouded

What’s behind the emergence of the cloud – and what’s its significance to your business?

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Pay Up or Else

Make sure your customers pay on time, for the good of your business

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Splash Down

See the founder of explain how efficiency has transformed their business

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Cleaning Up Your Customer Contacts

A squeaky-clean database can cut costs and pay marketing dividends too

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Creating Efficiencies - At Every Level

By defining roles, engaging your staff, simplifying processes, and using technology you can achieve so much more.

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Pensions Explained

Auto-enrolment - what it means for your business and your staff

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Quiz: Making the Best Use of Technology?

There’s only one way to find out – take our quick quiz and see for yourself

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Grow Your Business - Fast

We’ve got 1500 copies of the opening two chapters of the great “Fast Growth Fieldbook” to give away

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Cut It Out

Cutting costs is a route to greater profitability – here’s how

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Logistically Speaking

Five minutes with Schuh’s Head of Logistics, Rob Bridle – he’s got ideas everyone can use

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Five Great Free Software Tools

Boost business efficiency without parting with a penny

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Grow Up

Growing pains in your company? Not with these helpful tips

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Get the most from your staff

Empower your people – and you’ll empower your business too

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