The technologies that will help you grow

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Investment in technology is key to small business growth, with research by Microsoft and the Boston Consulting Group showing that tech-savvy SMEs saw revenue growing 15% faster and jobs growing almost twice as fast compared to companies which don’t use much technology (1).

If you have an eye on expansion, all these are worth investment:

A responsive website

More than half of the UK’s small businesses have a website, according to Simply Business (2); however, this still leaves millions without an online presence. And this could have a significant impact on growth potential, with data from Google suggesting small businesses with websites grow 40% faster than those without (3). With so many people surfing the web on smartphones and tablets, it’s increasingly important websites are responsive and can be viewed on multiple devices.

Mobile technology

Being able to work on the move is important for small businesses, especially micro-firms where key employees are involved in many aspects of the company. Smartphones and tablets are allowing people to work anytime, anywhere. To cut down on costs, businesses could follow a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy, which allows staff to use personal devices for work purposes.

Cloud computing

Adopting cloud computing can help small businesses grow by reducing the need for a complicated IT infrastructure or even an IT team, leaving owners with more funds and time to concentrate on other areas. The beauty of the cloud is that it grows with your business and systems can be scaled up or down as appropriate. Most providers work on a pay-as-you-use basis so businesses won’t waste money.




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Chris Hodges

Chris Hodges, Investment Director, Business Growth Fund.

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