Staffing up for Growth

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If you don’t know how the recovery will pan out for your business, you’ll be reluctant to take on permanent staff yet. But you will need extra help if you are to grow successfully – so consider:

  • Hiring staff on short-term contracts to cover new work where there’s no guarantee of repeat business. That way you can meet new orders without committing yourself to a permanent increase in costs. If growth continues, you can take people on full-time.
  • Offering part-time work. By offering flexible working terms, you will attract the widest possible pool of potential recruits.
  • Zero-hours contracts get bad press, but they have advantages for both sides. You can bring in staff as and when they are needed, while many people prefer more casual working arrangements like these. Don’t abuse these contracts but don’t rule them out either.
  • Freelance workers can also be useful on short-term projects. has hundreds of listings for freelancers looking for project work.


How to

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Plan it Out

Planning for growth.

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Digital technology can help.