How to Step Up Your Marketing

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The recovery may mean more customers with more money to spend with you, but they need to know about you first. Targeted marketing can help:

  • Try sponsoring a local charity or event to build your brand in the area where you operate. Local press advertising is often highly effective too.
  • Be a media guru. Set yourself up as an expert in your industry and get free publicity from media appearances.
  • Get online. Every business benefits from an effective online presence – and now’s the time to add smartphone functionality too. Companies like Domino’s Pizza now get more than 10% of their sales from tablets and smartphones.
  • Use social media. Let customers interact with your business on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. Two-way communications can really build the relationship.
  • Use data. Tools like Google’s apps range for small businesses, or Facebook’s Exchange service let you use data to target marketing at your most receptive customers.
  • Public relations activities can be broad-based. PR might include all of the above, as well as anything else that raises your business’s profile – from a prominent role in a trade association to greater engagement with customers and suppliers.


How to

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Plan it Out

Planning for growth.

Quick ones

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