How to sell more to existing customers

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What are cross-selling and up-selling?

Cross-selling means selling related products to your existing customers. Up-selling means selling more of the same thing.

So how do I do it?

Carefully. A hard sell may alienate existing customers so much you risk losing them.

How do I get it right?

Think about their needs and listen to what they’re telling you. A customer buying a computer for his children to do their homework on, say, won’t want accounting software. But he might be interested in a package that protects children online.

Should I focus on price?

Value may be a better approach. For example, you might explain that a particular computer printer has a much longer lifespan than the cheaper model the customer is currently considering. 

But surely money talks?

Sometimes. If you’re offering a three-for-two deal, for example, it’s worth explaining its cash value.

And if they’re not interested?

Back off. Pick your opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell – not when someone is phoning to complain, for example – but don’t expect each one to be successful.


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