Coping with Growth

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You want to see your business grow, but you can’t do everything yourself. So plan for how you’ll run the business as it expands.

  • Delegate. Give staff more responsibility rather than trying to spread yourself thin. Make staff development a focus of the business.
  • Automate. Technology can help your company cope with much larger volumes of business. Explore the costs and benefits of potential investments.
  • Innovate. Are there smarter ways to do things? Growth may bring opportunities to streamline your processes.
  • Accelerate. Keep thinking about the next stage of growth – as revenues pick up, have one eye on how to sustain them and the other on how to build further.
  • Stay close. Customers are all important. Prioritise customer service in your business culture – incentivise staff on customer feedback, for example – and keep in touch personally with as many customers as possible.


How to

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Funding for growth.

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Chris Hodges

Chris Hodges, Investment Director, Business Growth Fund.