Making use of online marketplaces

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Like to expand your business by selling to consumers overseas but worried this may be complicated? Using an online marketplace can help turn your small business into a global ecommerce operation with minimal effort and risk.

Simply listing your products on sites such as eBay, Amazon, T-Mall and Rakuten can put them in front of shoppers worldwide.

Reach a wider audience

Amazon Marketplace alone has more than 130 million customers across the globe, all of whom can view your listings. Marketplaces also tend to rank highly in search engines.

Minimise costs

Most online marketplaces charge a monthly subscription fee for listing unlimited items which is considerably cheaper than setting up and running your own ecommerce site.

Boost your credibility

Overseas audiences may be sceptical of a new, foreign business, but many online marketplaces are household names. They also tend to offer secure payment systems and fraud protection which put buyers at ease.

Make things easy for shoppers

Customers return to online marketplaces because they are so simple to use. You can compare prices and check stock levels with a few clicks and checkout processes are simple and secure, reducing the risk of abandoned carts.

Stay ahead

Marketplaces are perfect for checking out the competition. You can learn a lot by monitoring what other businesses are selling, how much they are charging and how they are marketing themselves.


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