Beyond Europe; 5 reasons to trade outside of Europe

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Our neighbours in Europe are the UK’s natural trading partners, but thanks to the eurozone crisis, times are tight and British companies hoping to export may have to look further afield.

The world’s four leading emerging economies, the BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China – offer a wealth of opportunities to UK businesses. 

Wider audience

40% of the world population lives in the BRIC countries alone. China has over 450 million internet users making it the perfect market for ecommerce companies.

Cash to splash

The number of middle class consumers is steadily growing in the BRIC nations. By 2025 it is estimated that the number of people earning over $15,000 will break the 200 million barrier.

Fewer competitors

While trade to the BRIC countries has doubled since before the economic crisis, they still account for less than 6% of British exports. 

Similar practices

It may be further away geographically, but India is closely aligned with the UK when it comes to business practices. Its governance, legal system and stock market are more recognisable than those in some European nations.

Market for Western goods

While there are European alternatives for many British goods, consumers in China and India have a huge appetite for Western products. British favourites such as baked beans and even English tea are flying off shelves.


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